We are proud to offer a 10 year guarantee on all of our metalwork. This is because we GALVANIZE all our products! It is a waste of money buying an non-galvanized gate, after all they will be outdoors for (a much shorter) life!  You will end up battling rust every year if you do not get galvanized gates!


Guarantee Information

What’s Covered?

Metalwork Finish (Galvanized):

All of our metalwork is galvanized so we guarantee that your gate will be rust free for a very minimum of 10 years. Galvanizing actually typically lasts for 50 years +, however, this is based on which area of the country you are in.  Remember, all streetlights/council railings/outdoor steel buildings are galvanized – have you seen them rust?!


Metalwork Finish (Galvanized THEN Powder Coated):

We guarantee our powder coated finish for 10 years, as long as it is properly cared for (wiped/washed down with a mild detergent every 6 months, to remove any fungal build up). This will keep your gate looking in top shape!


Metalwork (Workmanship/Welds):

We guarantee our workmanship and welds for 10 years when our gates are installed and used properly.


Aluminium Cladding/Infills:

Our aluminium gates are also covered by our 10 year guarantee. They do not rust/corrode giving you many years of maintenance free life.



What’s Not Covered?

All Timber

Timber is a natural product. We use quality timber and you will get many years of beautiful life from our gates. However, as timber is a natural product we cannot guarantee against any natural movement (expansion & contraction), splitting or colour changing/fading over time.  We do our very best to give the timber as long a life as physically possible by using the best available stains and coatings (if you choose this option).

Timber rot/mold is not covered as it is beyond our control how a gate is maintained and subsequently looked after once delivered/installed.  If you care for your timber properly over the years it will not be an issue!

It is up to the customer to maintain and take care of the timber upon delivery and transfer of ownership.

As timber is a natural product it will climatise when is is exposed to the elements. It can be unpredictable.  It is the responsibility of the customer to give the timber any subsequent treatments required due to this climatization.  As the wood ‘breathes’ it may expand/contract/pores open/close. This can result in a change in the finish from when you first received the gate/product.  It is the responsibility of the customer to sand/rub down/remove loose flakes of coatings and recoat the affected areas.


The Finish On The Gates Moving/Working Parts

Over a period of time it is possible that the moving parts (hinge pins, latches, sliding bolts etc) will wear down due to friction between the parts. This is completely normal and cannot be helped. It will not affect the functionality of the gate. You can ‘touch up’ areas using cans of galvanizing spray/matching powder coat spray paint if you wish!  

Powder coating is a very ‘tough’ coating and combined with the galvanized base layer there is simply no better protection for your gates. 




Damages To The Finish Caused By Improper Use/Improper Installation/Chips/Scratches etc.

We do not cover any of the above.  If you accidentally cause any of the above it is quite easily fixed by lightly sanding the affected area and applying galvanizing spray (if you have damaged down to the bare steel), then applying a few top coats of powder coating matching spray.


Areas Which Have To Be ‘Welded On Site’.

Whether we are installing, you are installing or a builder/subcontractor is installing your gates, in some situations it may be necessary to weld some of your metalwork ‘on site’, during the installation process.

For example, you may need to have your new posts/railings connected to pre-existing metalwork, your posts may require a ‘custom lug’ added when fitting in awkward install conditions or have holes drilled for various fixings/reasons.

We still guarantee the workmanship of these scenarios, however, we cannot guarantee that these small welded areas will remain rust free for life as they were not subject to the galvanizing (and powder coating) process. These areas that have been welded on site will be protected using cold galvanizing spray & cold powder coating touch up spray. This ‘on site’ process still gives adequate protection but over the years it may require a ‘touch up’ from time to time. This is normal and as long as you give the area a quick spray of paint it will continue to remain rust free and in the same condition it was from day one!

Other Information

The following is very rare but we would like to make sure our customers are fully informed of our guarantee policy. 

In rare occasions (less than 1 in 100, or 1% of jobs) your gates can ‘trap’ the chemicals used during the galvanizing process (it is a 4 stage process, the gates are fully submerged in liquids to prepare them for the zinc coating).  The gates are thoroughly washed out, but when a gate has 300+ welds it is possible for the chemicals to get trapped inside a couple of the microscopic pin holes created by welding. 

This DOES NOT affect the robustness of the rust free galvanized coating and the trapped liquid will evaporate within a few weeks post galvanizing.  You will not get rust or any side effects and it is not something that is noticeable.

However, If your gates were powder coated after galvanizing and this happens, it could potentially cause the powder coating to flake off (only in that affected area – very small, 1 inch around the area) We do have quality control in place but it sometimes cannot be helped.  This is normal and can be easily touched up by giving a light sand around the affected area and using powder coat spray touch up. We will provide you with everything needed free of charge and instructions to help.  It is not required for the gates to be returned/we will not accept any returns in regards to this issue. We do however still guarantee the gates and cover you should this happen!




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