Powder Coating Information

‘The Number 1 Maintenance Free Finish For Gates & Metalwork! – Never Paint Again!’

Powder coating is the longest lasting, most durable coating you can apply to your new gates. We can powder coat in any colour (RAL colours) to suit your needs.  It is tough, chip resistant & maintenance free (apart from the occasional clean to prevent mold & fungal build up!)

Prior to powder coating you MUST galvanize your metalwork (for outdoor use) to achieve its full potential (we galvanize all our metalwork as standard!). If you powder coat bare metalwork without first galvanizing it is a waste of money. As you have moving parts and areas that will wear down with general use, the rust will start and spread. Also, if you do happen do damage the powder coating, water will be able to penetrate and rust will spread, flaking the powder coating off!

It can be touched up using a powder coat matching spray can if you have any scuffs/scratches during installation or even in future years.


What is powder coating?

Powder coating is an oven cured (baked on) finish, applied over galvanized metalwork. It is applied using specialist spray guns, which electrostatically charges the powder to make it ‘cling’ to the metalwork.

This coated metalwork is then placed in an oven for around 30 minutes at 200 degrees. The powder contains thermoplastic or thermoset polymers (plastic particles) which bond together and create a thick ‘skin’ all over the metalwork.

Once cured, this coating proves very difficult to come off! It is designed to last many years and our professionally applied powder coating should last upwards of 20 years.


Does it cost extra for powder coating?

We offer powder coating on all of our products at an additional cost. This allows customers to be as versatile as possible when ordering a set of our custom gates.


How much extra does powder coating cost?

We can powder coat a typical set of large driveway gates for £249 inc vat.  For smaller path gates it would cost as little as £39.

It really is a wise investment – the next Sunday you spend (every year, for all future years) standing cleaning, sanding and painting your old rusty gates, you will be asking yourself why you did not get your gates powder coated professionally!  How much is your time + cost of supplies to re-paint your old gates worth?


What maintenance does powder coating require?

Once your gates are powder coated there will be no required ‘painting’ maintenance.  However, you should wipe down your gates with warm water and a mild detergent every 6 months to 1 year depending on your environment.


Can my powder coated gates be painted over (for example, gold highlights)?

Yes!  You can paint over the powder coating using any metal paint, for example, Hammerite Gold.