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Gates & Automation Direct were one of the first to invest in the development of composite gates almost 10 years ago! Our range of high quality metal and composite gates is by far one of our most popular ranges, with many 1000s of products designed and manufactured — making us the leading UK supplier to both the public and the trades.

Our ultra-premium wrought iron frames are now completed with superior Next Gen composite cladding — a synthetic hardwood with an extra realistic look and feel designed to enhance your home exterior. We can still manufacture this gate range using the old, standard composite infills — please ask if you require this to match existing fencing or gates.

Browse our extensive range of composite and metal gates to find the perfect fit for your home today. We deliver across the UK!

Our Range of Composite & Metal Gates

We offer a wide variety of wrought iron and composite gates for you to choose from.

Every design and gate type within our Next Gen composite cladding range comes fitted as standard with a Locinox professional lock system, front and back handles, and 3 keys.

This is what you can find in our metal and composite infill gate collection:

Metal Framed Composite Driveway Gates

We offer an extensive range of short and tall driveway gates with Next Gen composite infill. These durable composite driveway gates can be installed with either a manual or automated gate opening system and are extremely low maintenance.

Your new composite driveway gates can be designed as bi fold, swing, or sliding gates depending on your driveway size and preferences.

Metal Framed Composite Side Gates

Our range of tall Next Gen composite side gates brings added security to your property and peace of mind to you.

These composite gates can be manufactured in various styles and, to suit larger gap widths, your side gate can be custom made and installed with a matching fixed panel.

Metal Framed Composite Garden Gates

Our short composite garden gates with wrought iron frames and Next Gen composite cladding are the perfect way to make your home more inviting.

We offer an extensive range of garden gates in various designs to suit all tastes and styles. We can also custom make them to match your chosen composite driveway gate.

Metal Framed Composite Wall Tops & Fencing

We also manufacture Next Gen composite fencing systems and wall tops that offer easy installation. Bring your property’s whole look together by choosing the same composite infill for this as your side gates and driveway gates.

These composite wood wall tops can be fitted between brick pillars or with posts to suit a wall top run and can be customised with railheads or features on top.

Make your property safer and more stylish with Gates & Automation Direct’s metal gates with a composite infill.

What is Next Gen Composite?

Next Gen composite cladding is an extremely low maintenance, high quality synthetic hardwood solution used for close board gates and fencing.

Manufactured using 100% recycled materials, this eco-friendly natural wood alternative is far superior to traditional cladding options for composite gates. Next Gen composite cladding boasts properties and benefits specific to its uses in gate systems.

Why Choose Composite Cladding Over Natural Wood?

While traditional timber cladding is a popular choice amongst homeowners, it can become more expensive over time as it requires quite a bit of maintenance over its lifespan.

Next Gen composite offers numerous benefits that make it one of the best options you could choose for your home.

Low Maintenance

While timber is a stunning gate and fencing option, it requires a fair amount of maintenance and upkeep, such as sanding, oiling, staining, painting, and sealing. Our Next Gen composite gates, on the other hand, are super low maintenance. They do not require any sanding or coating to strengthen them and are UV protected to prevent fading.

Next Gen composite boards do not need to constantly be cleaned and are also insect proof.


Next Gen composite boards are far more durable than natural wood cladding options, especially if the wood is not regularly maintained. Over time, timber loses its durability and becomes susceptible to splintering, scratching, rot, and pest infestations.

With improved strength, our composite gate infills are 100% waterproof, rot and splinter free, and will not attract any pests or termites thanks to its synthetic properties.

Style Versatility

Timber cladding may have a unique and natural texture, but it only offers a wood look unless you coat it with paint. A composite infill is versatile in design, allowing you to choose from a variety of colours, textures & styles, including wood effect.

Our Next Gen composite gates are available in Anthracite Grey, Golden Oak, Black, and Mahogany.

Gates & Automation Direct offers Supply & Install options for your new composite infill gates for hassle free installation. We offer Supply Only packages with nationwide delivery.

Additional Features of our Metal Framed Composite Gates

To ensure you get the most out of your new wrought iron and composite infill gates, we provide the following additional features and customisation options:

Gate Automation

For added convenience, all of our wrought iron and composite driveway gates can be installed with manual or automated opening configurations. We offer three different opening configurations for our electric composite gates, which include swing, bi fold, and sliding gates.

This selection allows you the freedom to choose which opening system will best suit your driveway and your new driveway gate.

Long Lasting Finishes

We know that when you install a new composite and wrought iron gate, you need it to last. This is why we galvanise all our wrought iron gate frames with the option of also having them powder coated for further longevity and durability.


All of our gate frames and metal railings come galvanised as a standard. We use a process called ‘hot dip galvanising’, which involves dipping the new gate into molten zinc to coat it inside and out and prevent your composite gate frame from rusting.

This zinc coating will create a lifetime protective coating, leaving your new composite wood metal framed gate maintenance free and saving you time and money in the future. We guarantee our galvanised metalwork finishes for a minimum of 10 years.

Powder Coating

You can choose to have your new metal composite gates powder coated as an add-on. Powder coating is the longest lasting, most durable coating you can apply to your gate’s metalwork. This coating is tough, chip resistant, and maintenance free apart from the occasional clean to prevent mould and fungal growth.

We can also powder coat your metal and composite gate in a RAL colour of your choice to ensure the finished design matches the rest of your home perfectly.

For new composite electric gates or manual gates that will surpass all your expectations, order your metal framed composite gate from Gates & Automation Direct!

Gates & Automation Direct: Made to Measure Composite Gates

If you’re looking for a new gate that offers longevity and safety, then Gates and Automation Direct’s wrought iron framed composite infill gates are the gates for you.

As trusted gate manufacturers in Scotland, we provide our customers with free 2D CAD drawings with every purchase so you can buy online with confidence. We also offer free technical support pre and post sale!

The metal gate frame systems used to house the composite in our made to measure and pre-fabricated gates are manufactured here in the UK using British steel.

Ordering & Delivery

Whether you need composite gates in Sheffield or Glasgow, we can deliver your metal framed composite gates throughout the UK.

We use several delivery methods and delivery costs will be based on the type of products ordered, the weight of the order, and the delivery location.

Buy metal and composite gates online from Gates & Automation Direct today!

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  • Tall Metal Framed Composite Driveway Gates

    Tall Metal Framed Composite Driveway Gates (43)

    Tall Metal Framed Composite Driveway Gates (43)

    [ls_content_block id="13589"] Welcome to our metal framed composite driveway gate range. We offer many colours and finishes on both the composite infills and the metal frames. We are currently in the process of updating our product range & website. Please contact us during this process for any information required!
  • Short Metal Framed Composite Driveway Gates

    Short Metal Framed Composite Driveway Gates (43)

    Short Metal Framed Composite Driveway Gates (43)

    [ls_content_block id="13589"] Stunning short driveway gates, clad with next gen. composite. short metal framed composite next gen driveway gate_compressed *We provide free 2d cad drawings with every purchase, which are confirmed by the customer prior to manufacture, allowing you to buy with confidence. We also offer free technical support pre and post sale!* See 'Our Process' for more information.
  • Tall Composite Side Gates

    Tall Composite Side Gates (43)

    Tall Composite Side Gates (43)

    [ls_content_block id="13589"] Welcome to our tall composite side gate range. All custom made to your exact sizes and specification! A lifetime gate, which is maintenance free!
  • Composite Bi Fold Gates

    Composite Bi Fold Gates (41)

    Composite Bi Fold Gates (41)

    [ls_content_block id="13589"] We offer a wide range of composite bi folding gates. Any of our short/tall driveway gates can be manufactured as a bi fold setup. There is a slight extra cost due to extra fabrication work. We are currently working on uploading our full range. Please contact us for more information!
  • Composite Side Gates With Fixed Panel

    Composite Side Gates With Fixed Panel (41)

    Composite Side Gates With Fixed Panel (41)

    [ls_content_block id="13589"] Our composite side gate range can be custom made with a fixed panel, to suit larger gaps. Any of our short or tall side gate designs can be manufactured with a matching panel. A side panel is essentially another gate, so for approximate pricing, input the size of your side panel as a gate. Please contact us for accurate quotes.
  • Composite Sliding Gates

    Composite Sliding Gates (41)

    Composite Sliding Gates (41)

    [ls_content_block id="13589"] We offer a wide range of composite sliding gates. We are currently working on uploading our full range. Any of our composite driveway gates can be manufactured as a sliding gate. Please contact us for more information! Cantilever composite sliding gates - no ground track required. These sliding systems are perfect for uneven ground or where the driveway is difficult to install a track. Tracked composite sliding gates - a ground track is installed, similar to a single railway track.  The track must be level to allow the sliding gate to work properly.
  • Metal Framed Composite Garden Gates

    Metal Framed Composite Garden Gates (43)

    Metal Framed Composite Garden Gates (43)

    [ls_content_block id="13589"] Welcome to Gates and Automation Direct! Discover our range of stylish and durable composite garden gates. Crafted from a blend of recycled wood fibers and synthetic materials, these gates offer the timeless appeal of wood without the maintenance. With exceptional durability and easy installation, our composite gates provide security and enhance the beauty of your outdoor space. Choose from various designs and colors to match your style. Explore our collection today and find the perfect composite garden gate for your home. [caption id="attachment_10486" align="aligncenter" width="918"]Composite Path Garden Gate Black Grey (3) Composite Path Garden Gate Black Grey (3)[/caption]