Tall Metal Side Gates & PanelHow to Measure

Many installations require an extra side panel, to complete an opening of larger width. Our tall side gates with a fixed panel are bespoke made to suit your layout.

We can manufacture any of our designs from any of the tall metal side gate ranges with an additional side panel. This panel is typically fixed, however, if required we can design the gate system so both leafs swing open. The fixed panel can be locked in place using a locking drop bolt.

Custom made here in the UK by our skilled team and supplied finished, with a maintenance free coating – galvanising and powder coating.

For pricing, a side panel is typically the same work as a tall side gate. View this range for current pricing as we are updating our models/pricing for the fixed panel versions.

Contact our friendly technical support team for more information or help!

tall metal side gates fixed panel pedestrian security gate

*We provide free 2d cad drawings with every purchase, which are confirmed by the customer prior to manufacture, allowing you to buy with confidence. We also offer free technical support pre and post sale!*

See ‘Our Process‘ for more information.

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