MacKenzie Short Aluminium Driveway Gate

Modern short aluminium driveway gates from our MacKenzie range.

Welcome to our extensive range of aluminium driveway gates. With leading designs & a custom fabrication service, we can offer an aluminium driveway gate to perfectly suit your project.

We offer a wide range of designs and RAL colour finishes, meaning we have a design and colour scheme to match your requirements. Choose the perfect aluminium gate combination, provide your custom sizes and we will bespoke manufacture to suit! Robust maintenance free frames and posts as stanadard.

Look at the product photos gallery for this product to find guides on how to create your custom aluminium gate. Further specialist information in the description and tabs at the bottom of the page.

We provide a free 2d CAD drawing of the aluminium gate design & sizes prior to custom fabrication, for peace of mind when ordering.

Please use our measuring guide located within product photos, to help choose the correct 'gap width'.

All we need is an accurate 'Gap Width' and we will calculate everything else - clearances, posts (if required), hinges etc.

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Product Description

A bespoke, British made aluminium driveway gate, finished to perfection.


Proudly 100% manufactured here in the UK.

Remember that any of our aluminium  gate range designs can be manufactured ready for gate automation - please contact us for more information. We can supply Roger Technology automation kits, with bracketry pre fabricated to the gate.    

How To Measure All Gates Guide

We have included many diagrams to assist you when measuring for your new gates.  If you are unsure, please send us a picture of your opening and we can advise on where to measure!

Please let us know if you intend on installing between your gap opening or behind your gap opening. 


Note - Although the gap width is calculated in the exact same way, the mounting position guide shown below illustrates our metal framed range setups - with rear mounted hinges. Our standard and premium metal only ranges are hinged through the gate frames. See additional diagram below.

Metal Framed Range Gap Width & Hinge Diagram

When measuring, please ensure to take 3 measurements at the top, middle and bottom of your gap opening. 

Take the SMALLEST of these sizes, and provide us with this size. 


Standard & Premium Metal Only Range Gap Width & Hinge Diagram

We pride ourselves on how customizable and bespoke all of our products are. By giving us all of the required information your gate will be designed & work perfectly, unlike other cheaper 'universal' gates available to purchase.

See our handy 'Hinge Location Guide' below to help you decide which way you would like the gate to open.

IMPORTANT NOTE - We need to know if you would like your gate to OPEN IN (STANDARD DESIGN) (push the gate and it swings into your garden/property) or if you need the gate to OPEN OUT (pull the gate towards you,  usually required if there is an obstruction such as a doorstep etc).

REMEMBER - All of our designs are based on you standing OUTSIDE the property (on the Street for example, looking into the property). See below drawings for guidance:


(click image on mobile/tablets to go full screen/zoom in)

We custom manufacture all metal posts at the same time as your new gates. We can provide 0, 1 or 2 new posts depending on requirements. Should you have suitable existing walls/posts then we will supply the free hinge brackets for installation. 


There are many gate upgrades/addons available from our wide range of gate hardware and electronic ranges.

We have selected our most popular products to display here, which will compliment your new gate system. However, if you do not see a specific item that you would like, please contact us as we will likely be able to accomodate!

Range includes:

Self Closing Units (non electric)

Post Boxes & Parcel Boxes

Borg Keypad Locks (single & double sided)

Locinox locking drop bolts

Non reducing, automation ready pivot and strap hinges

A wide range of electric automation equipment


We are currently undertaking a mass website update - please contact us for more information on these products at this time.

Our current lead time from order confirmation to delivery is 6 to 8 weeks. More delivery information can be found on the delivery page, from the home page menu.
We offer a wide range of gate automation solutions for your new driveway gates. Relative products below.