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Custom metal fencing panels & posts. Handcrafted by our expert team, made to order!

Galvanised as standard, with optional powder coating available.

Prices are per meter, which consists of a complete kit - posts, lugs and bolts, ready to install.

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Product Description

Welcome to our metal fencing & railing range! Please read all descriptions and product information carefully to allow you to correctly price. Shipping:

Metal Railing & Fencing Ranges - Specification

Our metal fencing ranges are manufactured from heavy materials and carefully constructed, with great attention to detail. Both ranges (standard & premium) are built using the same skilled fabricators with the same level of care, just with different material weights. Our standard range is still a substantial and great quality fencing panel. It is important to compare build materials when buying online - there are 'lightweight budget' railings available which weigh substantially less than our standard range, giving a very 'thin' appearance!

Typical overall weights of a 2000mm wide x 1000mm high panel, with railheads:

Our standard range: 30kg

Our premium range: 48kg

Cheap/Budget range (not by us): 21kg

Finally, we advise checking if the other manufacturers hot dip galvanise the metalwork  - this is generally not the case (usually painted which means rust & maintenance for life!)

  • Top & Bottom Rails - Standard - 30mm x 8mm Flat Bar   /   Premium - 40mm x 8mm Flat Bar.
  • Main Vertical Infill Bars - Standard - 12mm Round   /   Premium - 16mm Round.
  • Railheads (If Applicable) - Standard - medium size & weight  /   Premium - Large size & weight.
  • Metal Posts - Standard - 40mm x 40mm /   Premium - 50mm x 50mm.
  • Metalwork Finish - Hot dip galvanising as standard - all ranges. (silver in colour)
  • Powder Coating - Optional top coat professionally applied and oven baked - Any colour available (any RAL colour).
  • Country Of Origin - Proudly 100% bespoke manufactured, within our UK workshop with British steel.
  • Connection Method - Adjustable lug & bolt system (bolts provided). Allows for panels to be 'stepped' (for example, if installed on ground that is not level and runs up or downhill)

The above specifications are provided as a guide. Some models designs may require slight differences in the above materials. If you require specific materials or would like an exact specification of a particular model please let us know, we are always happy to help! 

We have calculated the cost PER METER for this fencing range. Please select the options you require, and then add the correct amount of meters to cart. (use the quantity selection tool to select how many meters you require).  
For example, if you require 10 meters, please adjust the quantity to '10' and add to cart.  
Included with meterage price:
  • Posts
  • Lugs (adjustable to allow install on uneven/raked/incline ground)
  • Bolts
  • Fencing panels (2000mm Panels)

Note - Our pricing is calculated based on full 2000mm panels. If you select 10 meters, you will receive 5 x 2000mm panels (overall width includes posts/lugs/gaps). Should you require custom panels (for example, a selection of panels in varying sizes to accommodate corners/odd sizes) then there may be a surcharge as this will take longer to manufacture.