Murchie Metal Framed Timber Garden Gate

The short Murchie metal framed timber path gate brings the best in security and privacy to your home.

Welcome to our metal framed timber gate range!

Combining an ultra premium 50mm robust frame, infilled with luxurious timbers which create a stunning product.

Look through the product photos on this page for guides on how to create your custom gate. More info & specifications at bottom of page.

For your peace of mind we will send a confirmation email/call you after order is placed to confirm sizes prior to fabrication.

Please use our measuring guide located within product photos, to help choose the correct 'gap width'.

All we need is an accurate 'Gap Width' and we will calculate everything else - clearances, posts (if required), hinges etc.

Every item within our timber infill range comes galvanised as standard.  We also offer optional Powder Coating.

Check out our gallery to view the high quality of these gates: Gallery.

For installation options & guides: Installation. For shipping & lead times: Delivery.

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Product Description

Metal Framed Timber Infill Gate Range

Welcome to our metal framed timber gate range - our most popular and aesthetically pleasing range. Combining the natural beauty of timber with an ultra premium metal frame, resulting in a stunning gate that lasts a lifetime.  Manufactured from 50mm frames that are maintenance free, providing a substantial housing for the timber infills. 

Our skilled fabricators have decades of experience in the gate manufacturing industry, resulting in a high quality, custom product, every time.

Please read the description below which will help guide you through customising and purchasing the last gate you will ever need! 

Remember - Any of our products can be manufactured ready for gate automation (electric gates) & access control systems. Please contact us for more information.


Proudly 100% manufactured here in the UK, using British steel!

Purchasing Guide

We understand that there are many options to select when purchasing our products. We have written the below explanation to assist you. If you are unsure please call or email us for assistance - we are here to help! Include photos if possible!


Build Specification 

Please click the 'Specification' tab to view the materials this gate is custom manufactured from.


State Your Gap Width

Tell us your exact gap width, by typing into the empty box. This can be in metric or imperial (mm or inches). This is the exact size we will base your product manufacture on. 

The majority of gate setups are installed BETWEEN (or face to face) the gap width provided.

If you require your setup to be installed BEHIND the gap width please let us know in the notes. 

Gap Width Selection

The second option is required in order to price your gate. Please select the matching price band which reflects your actual gap width.  We will contact you to amend your order should these not match.


Gate Height

All of our gate heights are taken from the gate edges, not the centres. This allows you to match the heights of existing pillars/fencing/hedges etc. 

Please see our 'height guide' which is contained within the product images.  Alternatively, we have a page dedicated on 'How To Measure'.

Gates with arched designs vary in height, with a typical driveway gate arch being around 300mm or 1 foot. If you select an gate which includes an arched top, then the height you select will be the height at the edge of the gate (nearest posts/pillars). The height of the arch will be taller than your chosen size. If you require exact arch sizes please let us know when ordering and we can provide technical drawings! 


Timber Infills

We offer both Western Red Cedar & African Iroko timber infills on our metal framed timber range. Please view the product photos for examples of each timber infill. 

Note - we can also supply other timbers if required - for example Siberian Larch. Please contact us for more information.

Please contact us for free samples of our timber gate infills. 

Our timber is sourced from TRADA approved forests. This is a worldwide known company which has high standards for sustainability. 


Timber Oiled Or Stained 

We offer several options for timber finishing.

  • Timber raw (unstained) - The timber can be left unstained/oiled for a natural look, or, for the customer to stain themselves. 
  • Timber oiled - We use specialist oils to coat the cedar or iroko timbers. This leaves the natural timber grain highly visible and highlighted.
  • Timber painted - We can, upon request, paint the timber to a specific colour. This usually results in a more 'solid' effect, leaving little of the wood effect visible. 


Gate Finish - Galvanising (Base Coat)

We galvanise all of our gates & metalwork as standard. When purchasing a gate, we always advise ensuring that it is first galvanised before any coatings are applied. Non - galvanised gates are guaranteed to rust over time, which results in a long life of maintenance each year! 

It may cost a little more now, but it is a wise investment for decades to come. See more on our Galvanising Page.


Gate Powder Coated (Top Coat)

Please select the relative price band to match your gap size. Powder coating is priced based on size, therefor the larger the gate, the higher the cost of powder coating.

We offer powder coating as an optional extra. This allows us to cater for all types of customer requirements and budgets. 

Our powder coating is applied ON TOP of the galvanised coating.  This ensures a very long coating life. Powder coating is a maintenance free finish (does not require re coating, lasts decades) - only requires washing down from time to time.

We will need to contact you to amend any incorrectly selected options. 

See our Powder Coating page.

Note - you can also paint the gate yourself if you wish to do so. If you do not select powder coating then the gate will come galvanised (silver coloured, metal finish).


Gate Powder Coating Colour

Note - please only use this option if you have selected 'Gate Powder Coated' above, which carries an additional cost. We will be unable to process your order if it has been incorrectly priced/chosen. 

We offer powder coating in any RAL Colour (RAL is a technical term for 'colour codes'). 

Please select your colour or alternatively state the colour/RAL code in the comments before purchase.  Some obscure RAL colours may carry an additional charge - we will notify you if this is the case. 

If you would like your gate frames to match the composite infills please let us know as we can cater for this!


Gate Furniture (Locks, Drop Bolts & Hinges Etc)

All gates are supplied ready to install - no extra gate furniture required (however, you will need your own fixings if wall mounting etc).

Locinox Lock Unit - All of our metal framed composite gates come with a locinox unit as standard. This is a professional outdoor lock system, that is installed inside the frame. It comes with front and back handles along with 3 keys. It operates in a similar manner to your PVC front door lock and handle system! We offer this in both silver and black finishes. Please look at the product photos to view the lock system. 

Drop Bolts - All driveway (short and tall) composite gates come with 2 x dropbolts (which are pre installed to the gates) and rests to hold them up when not in use. These drop bolts allow you to secure the gates in both the open and closed positions. All pedestrian single gates DO NOT come with a drop bolt as standard, but they can be added if requested. See product photos. 

Gate Hinges - Gates are supplied with appropriate amount of adjustable gate hinge eyes. 2x for pedestrian gates, 4x for driveway gates. Our gates have 'lugs' pre welded onto the frames, which the hinges bolt through and allow for adjustment. 

Gate Hanging Hinge Plates - Gates are supplied with metal hinge plates with hanging pins. These can be fixed to walls, timber posts/metal posts & brick pillars.  

Specialist Accessories Available - We offer various specialist accessories, including self closing units (non electric), which close the gates behind you automatically. Please contact us for more information. 


Metal Posts

We manufacture custom posts to suit each set of gates, if required. We will always provide the correct size/specification of posts to suit your gates. 

We can also add custom lugs for mounting to walls etc - just let us know!

All of our posts are galvanised as standard.

All posts include fitted pins for hanging gates, at the correct heights (posts are custom made at the same time as the gates). 


Posts Finishes

If you require the posts to be powder coated, on top of the galvanising, please select this option. 

We will automatically coat the posts to match the colour of your gates. 


Locinox Lock & Handle 

For driveway sets of gates, please select which gate leaf (left or right) you would like the locinox lock and handle to be installed. This will be the leaf that opens first. 

For single pedestrian gates (tall side gates/path & garden gates), please select which side of the gate you would like the lock to be installed (left or right). 

This lock system is an advanced outdoor lock, handle and key (3 keys) setup. 

Please also select if you would like a black or silver finish. 


Push Or Pull To Open?

Our Metal Framed Range is hinged in such a way that the gate will only swing in one direction.  We need to know if the gate opens inwards (standard) - push to open.

Or, if the gate opens outwards (pull to open). Please see our 'Hinges Help' tab located within product description. 

All designs are based on you standing on the street or outside the property. 

'Opening In' would be opening INTO the garden, 'Opening Out' would be opening out, towards the street. 

These and some other gates are not universal opening - so it is paramount that we get this correct!


Gallery - Real Life Images

We recommend viewing our gallery to see the finished products installed. We have 1000's of completed jobs which we proudly put on display for you to view. All of our photos are 100% our own work which we have compiled over the many years in the industry. 

View Gallery



We unfortunately DO NOT supply fixings for attaching items to walls/posts etc (unless we are both supplying and installing your new gates!).  When installing gates to existing structures,  there is no 'one size fits all' fixing.

We can advise what we recommend but we cannot accept liability for incorrect choice/use of different types of fixings.

It is ultimately the installers choice, to choose the correct fixing size and style for the installation at hand.  


Delivery & Lead Times

All of our gates & metalwork is custom made to order, and there for carries a lead time. 

Please view our Delivery & Lead time page for more information. 

Please DO NOT arrange for contractors or installation of your new gates until you have confirmed with ourselves it is OK to do so (or you have received your delivery). There are many processes involved in manufacturing a lifetime gate! 


Metal Framed Timber Gates - Specification

  • Main Frame - 50mm x 50mm Steel Hollow Section (SHS).
  • Internal Frame (to support timber infills) - 50mm x 25mm Rectangular Hollow Section (RHS) + 25mm x 25mm SHS.
  • Gate Arch (if applicable) - Dependant on design - Most designs - 50mm x 10mm flat bar. Some designs 50mm x 25mm RHS & 50mm x 50mm SHS. 
  • Hinge System - 16mm Adjustable hinge setup (may vary depending on setup size and requirements)
  • Metalwork Finish - Hot dip galvanising as standard. Top coat - industrial powder coating (optional). 
  • Lock System - Locinox internal lock system. Front & back handles (black or silver). 3 Keys. 
  • Posts (optional) - Dependant on gate size - from 50mm x 50mm to 150mm x 150mm. 
  • Country Of Origin - Proudly 100% bespoke manufactured, within our UK workshop with British steel.
  • Timber Gate Infills - 135mm x 19mm overlapping boards (no daylight gaps on gates, with expansion gaps allowed for). TRADA (worldwide timber association) approved sustainable forests. Grade A 
  • Timber Options - Grade A -Western Red Cedar OR Grade A - African Iroko (custom timbers available to match existing if required (for example, Siberian Larch)

How To Measure All Gates Guide

We have included many diagrams to assist you when measuring for your new gates.  If you are unsure, please send us a picture of your opening and we can advise on where to measure!

Please let us know if you intend on installing between your gap opening or behind your gap opening. 


Note - Although the gap width is calculated in the exact same way, the mounting position guide shown below illustrates our metal framed range setups - with rear mounted hinges. Our standard and premium metal only ranges are hinged through the gate frames. See additional diagram below.

Metal Framed Range Gap Width & Hinge Diagram

When measuring, please ensure to take 3 measurements at the top, middle and bottom of your gap opening. 

Take the SMALLEST of these sizes, and provide us with this size. 


Standard & Premium Metal Only Range Gap Width & Hinge Diagram

We custom manufacture all metal posts at the same time as your new gates. We can provide 0, 1 or 2 new posts depending on requirements. Should you have suitable existing walls/posts then we will supply the free hinge brackets for installation. 


We pride ourselves on how customizable and bespoke all of our products are. By giving us all of the required information your gate will be designed & work perfectly, unlike other cheaper 'universal' gates available to purchase.

See our handy 'Hinge Location Guide' below to help you decide which way you would like the gate to open.

IMPORTANT NOTE - We need to know if you would like your gate to OPEN IN (STANDARD DESIGN) (push the gate and it swings into your garden/property) or if you need the gate to OPEN OUT (pull the gate towards you,  usually required if there is an obstruction such as a doorstep etc).

REMEMBER - All of our designs are based on you standing OUTSIDE the property (on the Street for example, looking into the property). See below drawings for guidance:


(click image on mobile/tablets to go full screen/zoom in)

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