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  • Aluminium Gates

    Aluminium Gates (283)

    Aluminium Gates (283)

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    Bespoke Aluminium Gates in a Wide Range of Finishes

    At Gates & Automation Direct, we manufacture our custom aluminium gates right here in the UK, unlike our competitors who import from the far east or Europe. Our stunning collection of high end designs is second to none when comparing quality, customisation, and life expectancy. We can offer competitive prices as you are buying directly from the manufacturing workshop! Our aluminium gates are made to measure to ensure you find the right fit to secure your property in style, according to your exact specifications. Shop online with Gates & Automation Direct for free technical support from our expert team to ensure the best outcome for your property.

    Our Range of Bespoke Aluminium Gates in the UK

    Browse our premium aluminium gates online, with 100s of designs and various RAL colours or wood effect finishes. Our range of bespoke gates consists of:

    Manual Or Electric Aluminium Gate Systems

    As gate automation experts, we can manufacture and supply any of our aluminium gates as a manual system or a fully electric system. Our range of electric aluminium gates is extremely popular, from our aluminium electric driveway gates for residential homes to our electric aluminium double gates for industrial premises. Many homeowners prefer gates with automation because of the convenience they afford. Automating commercial gates can impress your clients, speed up day-to-day processes for your employees, and assist with general traffic and access control. Whether you prefer bi-folding gates, swing gates, cantilever sliding gates or tracked sliding gates, Gates & Automation Direct provides ease of use as well as bolstered security with our range of aluminium electric gates in the UK. If you opt for an electric kit from our selection of automation kits, we will pre-install the automation equipment bracketry at the time of fabrication of the aluminium gate frames.

    Sizes Available in our Aluminium Gate Range

    Our made to measure aluminium gates and fencing can be manufactured in almost unlimited size combinations due to our bespoke manufacturing technique and service. Depending on the gate range type, we can cater for all opening sizes based on your exact requirements — from an expansive aluminium driveway gate to small aluminium garden gates — all with UK wide delivery.

    Modern, Contemporary or Traditional Aluminium Gate Designs

    The aluminium boards are generally 150 mm wide in all of our designs, giving a professional and expensive aesthetic. Our most popular designs and colours are typically purchased in black or 7016 anthracite grey — the pinnacle of modern aluminium gates! Besides the different colours in our range, including wood effect, grey & black aluminium gates, we also offer a wide gate style collection, including aluminium swing gates, bi-folding gates, fencing, and aluminium side gates in the UK. Finding ready made aluminium gates configured to your preference is easier with our online gate shop. Whether you're looking for an aluminium driveway gate or an aluminium pedestrian gate in the UK, our aluminium gate design options and colours are sure to spruce up any property. Order online from Gates & Automation Direct!

    Features & Benefits of our Custom Aluminium Gates

    Whether you're looking for a brand new sliding gate or to replace an old aluminium swing gate, with our robust, galvanised aluminium gate and fencing range, you're getting features that offer unique advantages over other gates and fences on the market. These are some of the advantages you can expect when you get aluminium gates made to measure from Gates & Automation Direct:

    Maintenance Free Gates

    Our range of aluminium gates requires absolutely no maintenance (apart from the occasional gate wash!) when finished with durable and eye catching powder coating, which is available in a range of RAL colours to suit any property or taste. Completely maintenance free, never worry about rust or timber rot again with our range of galvanised/powder coated aluminium fences and gates!

    Security As Standard

    Our range of aluminium security gates includes everything from electric sliding aluminium gates for access control on your commercial premises to a secure aluminium garden gate that adds privacy and security to your residential plot. Our complete aluminium gate range is manufactured as standard with a euro cylinder lock system with 3 keys, giving you added security with every purchase.

    Free 2D CAD Drawings of your New Aluminium Gate

    As part of our service, when you buy an aluminium gate online, we offer a bespoke 2D CAD drawing with every gate purchase, whether it's a modest aluminium side gate or a grand aluminium sliding gate. This ensures peace of mind as nothing will go into our custom manufacturing process without customer approval of these CAD drawings.

    Gate Upgrades & Hardware for our Aluminium Range

    As we custom manufacture all our aluminium gates and fences, we can add various gate hardware upgrades, including self-closing units by Locinox, gate posts, gate lock & keys, gate keypad locks, aluminium electric gate automation, locking drop bolts, and more. We also offer GSM intercom systems to allow you to remotely open your new aluminium gate system or speak to whoever is at the gate. Buy online from Gates & Automation Direct's large range of custom aluminium fencing and gates for a secure, lightweight and strong gate solution.

    How To Measure & Install Aluminium Gates

    We provide guides on measuring and installing our products, including our bi-fold gates, driveway gates, path & side gates, and aluminium sliding gates in the UK. Check out our video and image guides on the measuring and installation of our aluminium range for more information. We also offer installation of your custom made aluminium gates if you are located within our coverage area. We provide all hardware required with each purchase (excluding wall fixings due to safety), which means our traditional or contemporary aluminium gates for sale are ready to hang! As the gate has been bespoke manufactured to your requirements, there will be no issues with fitting or installation.

    Aluminium Gates Installation Gallery

    View our real life installations to appreciate the truly stunning aesthetics of our aluminium gates range. Here you can see some of our aluminium driveway gates in the UK, as well as many other success stories. Some of these installations were carried out by ourselves for customers, and some were DIY by customers themselves! We are also able to Photoshop an image of any aluminium gate over your property as part of our 2D CAD service. Whether you're looking for electric driveway gates or simple aluminium pedestrian gates with UK wide delivery, Gates & Automation Direct offers easy to install aluminium gates. Order online today!

    Gates & Automation Direct: Reliable Gates Made Easy

    Gates & Automation Direct are trusted aluminium gate manufacturers in the UK. Our expert team is highly experienced in the manufacturing of robust residential and commercial gates, fencing & railings using wrought iron, composite cladding, and timber. Our aluminium gate solutions prioritise safety, function and durability. Whether you're looking for aluminium fences, aluminium entrance gates or aluminium side gates, made to measure gates are key to ensuring the perfect fit and look — Gates & Automation Direct, you can have this at the click of a button. Shop online from Gates & Automation Direct's range of aluminium gates.
  • Automatic Rising Barriers

    Automatic Rising Barriers (3)

    Automatic Rising Barriers (3)

    What exactly is an automatic traffic barrier? Commonly referred to as automatic rising arm barriers, these are made to regulate vehicular entry to specific sites. Regularly found in parking lots, private residential zones, and commercial establishments, they are pivotal for safeguarding private spaces and optimizing traffic flow. Why select Gates & Automation Direct for barrier solutions and installations? As a main distributor in automatic traffic barriers throughout the UK, Gates & Automation Direct is known for unmatched quality, customer service, and tailored barrier solutions. While we are based in Central Scotland, we cover the full of the UK. Our longstanding expertise in gates, fences, and barriers, combined with our industry leading online reviews, makes us industry front-runners. Car park barriers: What are they popularly called? Often labeled as automatic car park barriers, boom barriers, or vehicle barriers, these mechanisms aid in the controlled access of vehicles into parking spaces. Want to contact us - free technical help and advice? Reach out online, drop an email to –, or call us on 01698 829 876. Operating mechanism of these barriers? These barriers function through an electronic system that commands the lifting and dropping of the barrier arm. Activation can stem from varied control devices, from straightforward remote controls to intricate security setups with vehicle detection functionalities. Pricing of automatic traffic barriers: The pricing for these barriers fluctuates based on design, features, and sophistication. At Gates & Automation Direct, we promise affordability without sidelining quality. Contact us for an in-depth, customized quote. Typical applications of automatic barriers? These barriers find a place in commercial parking areas, residential establishments, toll stations, and industrial locales. Their efficiency in traffic regulation and security makes them an economical choice. Maintenance intervals for electric traffic barriers? The upkeep cycle for these barriers hinges on factors like frequency of use and surrounding conditions. High traffic zones might necessitate frequent servicing. Gates & Automation Direct advises routine maintenance for peak performance. How are these barriers operated for entry? The controlling mechanisms range from remote devices, digital keypads, token/card setups to sophisticated systems like vehicle plate recognition. At Gates & Automation Direct, we collaborate closely to finalize a control solution that aligns with client requirements. Significance of traffic barriers for businesses? They empower firms with the autonomy to regulate vehicular ingress. They’re instrumental for security, parking management, and ensuring a systematic parking framework. Efficient car park management wards off parking misuse. Available safety and add-ons for these barriers? Safety stands central to parking barrier designs. Integral safety mechanisms include infrared detectors and pressure-sensitive borders. Gates & Automation Direct also provides an assortment of accessories like LED lights, signs, remote devices, access control systems, and more. ANPR or Automatic number plate recognition is another advanced feature to streamline vehicle entry/exit. Barrier arm length options? The span of the barrier arm is determined by the road width. We offer lengths ranging from 3m to 8m. For expansive entrances, dual barrier configurations can be employed. Can ANPR systems be integrated with barriers? Absolutely! We can seamlessly integrate ANPR with your barriers and other access management solutions. Innovations in Barrier Tech: Roger Brushless Technology - Bionik Traffic Barrier Series The Roger Technology's Bionik range is setting the gold standard in barrier systems, ideal for diverse settings from residential to industrial. Its brushless motor design is apt for high-frequency usage zones. Standout features include a battery backup for sustained operations, magnetic support, and solar power compatibility. Superior Barrier Longevity The mechanical prowess of the Bionik barrier stems from its unique helicoidal gear design, a trademark of the Roger Technology lineage. With a brushless motor that negates heat and friction, it ensures continuous operations with full-duty cycles. The electronic control with mosfet switches ups its efficiency quotient, making it robust for heavy-duty use.
  • Automation & Access Control

    Automation & Access Control (9)

    Automation & Access Control (9)

    Automation & Access Control Products
  • Commercial Gates & Fencing

    Commercial Gates & Fencing (14)

    Commercial Gates & Fencing (14)

    commercial mesh sliding tracked gate electric 2_compressed Gates & Automation Direct manufactures a wide range of durable and reliable commercial gates and fences in mesh, vertical bar, and palisade gate designs. Our security gates can be installed with either manual or automatic systems and opening configurations include bi fold and swing gates, as well as ground tracked and cantilever sliding gates. We offer both Supply Only (UK wide) and Supply & Install options on all of our available products. See our Installation page for our coverage areas. Don't be left wanting when it comes to the security of your job site or office premises — Browse our security gate and fencing designs to find the industrial gate for you.

    Our Range of Commercial Gates and Fencing

    We offer customers a wide variety of commercial gates and fencing choices to increase security around commercial properties. Whether you need to secure an industrial complex with commercial security gates or add a protective barrier around a plot with a commercial fence and gates, our team is here to ensure you find a reliable solution. Our gates are available as sliding gates (which can be installed as either tracked or cantilever gates), bi fold gates, and swing gates. This is what you can find in our wide range of commercial gates:

    Mesh Gates

    Mesh gates provide clear visibility, allowing you to see any activity taking place around the perimeter of your premises. Our mesh gates offer a robust and durable design, as well as high visibility points for CCTV so you can easily survey your industrial premises. We offer an extensive range of commercial mesh gates in the opening style of your choice, whether that be a bi fold, swing, or mesh sliding gate.

    Vertical Bar Gates

    Vertical bar security gates are incredibly sturdy, perfectly combining a classic design with high level protection. If installed at your entrances with automation, these commercial driveway gates allow easy vehicular access to your premises. Choose between our commercial bi fold, sliding, and swing vertical bar gate options to ensure effective access control at your property.

    Palisade Gates

    Palisade commercial gates are a popular choice when it comes to public safety and bordering control. These gates are highly effective in protecting your business premises from unwanted intruders while still maintaining visual appeal. As automated security gates, our palisade gates allow for swift access to your premises and are an ideal electric gate for office spaces.

    Mesh & Palisade Fencing

    Commercial fencing is the perfect way to bring added security to any work site or business premises. These fencing options allow you to further restrict who has access to the job site or corporate property, giving you added peace of mind. Our range of commercial fencing includes mesh and palisade options. Don't just let anyone through the door — contact us to find out how we can help supply you with commercial traffic gates and more!

    Features & Benefits

    With Gates & Automation Direct, you can find a suitable security solution for all commercial industries. These are some of the safety features and benefits of our secure commercial gates and barrier systems:

    Manual & Automatic Opening Systems

    Before installation, consider whether you want automatic gates or manual gates for your job site. For maximum security and access control restrictions, we recommend that you install electric gates. We offer various access control systems for added convenience with the operation of your automated gates. Some of the gate automation access control systems we offer include gate timers, WiFi intercoms with radio control, and ground exit loops and sensors.

    Finishes That Last

    To ensure your security fencing and gates last long after installation, all of our metal commercial safety gates and fencing come galvanised with the additional option of powder coating for a completely maintenance free finish.

    Galvanised as Standard

    Before we deliver your security gates and fencing, we use a process called 'hot dip galvanising'. This is a cost effective way to create a long lasting protective coating that will protect against wet weather and rust.

    Powder Coating

    As an extra measure, you can choose to have your commercial safety gates powder coated. This provides a more durable finish with a coating that is chip resistant, tough, and completely maintenance free. Your new security gates can be powder coated in a RAL colour of your choice for a more personalised finish to align with your company branding. Thinking about buying an automatic cantilever gate or swing gate for your premises? Request a free quote for one of our commercial electric gates today!

    Gates & Automation Direct: Durable Commercial Gates, Scotland

    Gates & Automation Direct are trusted gate suppliers in the UK specialising in the manufacturing of high quality manual and automatic commercial gates that make your premises more secure. We also manufacture residential gates, fencing & railings. If you require a specific gate or fencing solution, we can make it for you according to your exact measurements with the aid of our 2D CAD design process. Whether you need commercial swing gates for your industrial premises or commercial mesh fencing to secure your plot — we've got you covered! Contact us to find the best industrial gate for your commercial property.

    Ordering & Delivery

    We deliver all of our products throughout the UK and offer multiple delivery options. The cost of delivery will be determined by the type of product ordered, with the possibility of additional charges for larger or heavier items or for areas outside of normal delivery zones. Browse our range of commercial gates and complete your premises with panache!
  • Electric Gate Kits

    Electric Gate Kits (2)

    Electric Gate Kits (2)

    Our selection of Roger Technology brushless electric gate kits. These can be purchased on their own or as part of a gate package.
  • Ex-Showroom Stock

    Ex-Showroom Stock (3)

    Ex-Showroom Stock (3)

    Ex-Showroom gates
  • Fencing Systems

    Fencing Systems (46)

    Fencing Systems (46)

    Our selection of fencing systems available. We offer many fencing systems including: Next Generation Composite Fencing Metal Railings/Fencing Metal Framed Composite Fencing Metal Framed Timber Fencing Aluminium Fencing Commercial Fencing - Palisade & Mesh Fencing
  • Free Samples

    Free Samples (3)

    Free Samples (3)

    We offer free samples (including free postage!) of all our high quality materials used to manufacture our gates & fencing systems.
  • Locinox

    Locinox (14)

    Locinox (14)

    Locinox gate hardware, self closers, gate locks, keeps, access control
  • Metal and Composite Gates

    Metal and Composite Gates (289)

    Metal and Composite Gates (289)

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    Gates & Automation Direct were one of the first to invest in the development of composite gates almost 10 years ago! Our range of high quality metal and composite gates is by far one of our most popular ranges, with many 1000s of products designed and manufactured — making us the leading UK supplier to both the public and the trades.

    Our ultra-premium wrought iron frames are now completed with superior Next Gen composite cladding — a synthetic hardwood with an extra realistic look and feel designed to enhance your home exterior. We can still manufacture this gate range using the old, standard composite infills — please ask if you require this to match existing fencing or gates. Browse our extensive range of composite and metal gates to find the perfect fit for your home today. We deliver across the UK!

    Our Range of Composite & Metal Gates

    We offer a wide variety of wrought iron and composite gates for you to choose from. Every design and gate type within our Next Gen composite cladding range comes fitted as standard with a Locinox professional lock system, front and back handles, and 3 keys. This is what you can find in our metal and composite infill gate collection:

    Metal Framed Composite Driveway Gates

    We offer an extensive range of short and tall driveway gates with Next Gen composite infill. These durable composite driveway gates can be installed with either a manual or automated gate opening system and are extremely low maintenance. Your new composite driveway gates can be designed as bi fold, swing, or sliding gates depending on your driveway size and preferences.

    Metal Framed Composite Side Gates

    Our range of tall Next Gen composite side gates brings added security to your property and peace of mind to you. These composite gates can be manufactured in various styles and, to suit larger gap widths, your side gate can be custom made and installed with a matching fixed panel.

    Metal Framed Composite Garden Gates

    Our short composite garden gates with wrought iron frames and Next Gen composite cladding are the perfect way to make your home more inviting. We offer an extensive range of garden gates in various designs to suit all tastes and styles. We can also custom make them to match your chosen composite driveway gate.

    Metal Framed Composite Wall Tops & Fencing

    We also manufacture Next Gen composite fencing systems and wall tops that offer easy installation. Bring your property's whole look together by choosing the same composite infill for this as your side gates and driveway gates. These composite wood wall tops can be fitted between brick pillars or with posts to suit a wall top run and can be customised with railheads or features on top. Make your property safer and more stylish with Gates & Automation Direct's metal gates with a composite infill.

    What is Next Gen Composite?

    Next Gen composite cladding is an extremely low maintenance, high quality synthetic hardwood solution used for close board gates and fencing. Manufactured using 100% recycled materials, this eco-friendly natural wood alternative is far superior to traditional cladding options for composite gates. Next Gen composite cladding boasts properties and benefits specific to its uses in gate systems.

    Why Choose Composite Cladding Over Natural Wood?

    While traditional timber cladding is a popular choice amongst homeowners, it can become more expensive over time as it requires quite a bit of maintenance over its lifespan. Next Gen composite offers numerous benefits that make it one of the best options you could choose for your home.

    Low Maintenance

    While timber is a stunning gate and fencing option, it requires a fair amount of maintenance and upkeep, such as sanding, oiling, staining, painting, and sealing. Our Next Gen composite gates, on the other hand, are super low maintenance. They do not require any sanding or coating to strengthen them and are UV protected to prevent fading. Next Gen composite boards do not need to constantly be cleaned and are also insect proof.


    Next Gen composite boards are far more durable than natural wood cladding options, especially if the wood is not regularly maintained. Over time, timber loses its durability and becomes susceptible to splintering, scratching, rot, and pest infestations. With improved strength, our composite gate infills are 100% waterproof, rot and splinter free, and will not attract any pests or termites thanks to its synthetic properties.

    Style Versatility

    Timber cladding may have a unique and natural texture, but it only offers a wood look unless you coat it with paint. A composite infill is versatile in design, allowing you to choose from a variety of colours, textures & styles, including wood effect. Our Next Gen composite gates are available in Anthracite Grey, Golden Oak, Black, and Mahogany. Gates & Automation Direct offers Supply & Install options for your new composite infill gates for hassle free installation. We offer Supply Only packages with nationwide delivery.

    Additional Features of our Metal Framed Composite Gates

    To ensure you get the most out of your new wrought iron and composite infill gates, we provide the following additional features and customisation options:

    Gate Automation

    For added convenience, all of our wrought iron and composite driveway gates can be installed with manual or automated opening configurations. We offer three different opening configurations for our electric composite gates, which include swing, bi fold, and sliding gates. This selection allows you the freedom to choose which opening system will best suit your driveway and your new driveway gate.

    Long Lasting Finishes

    We know that when you install a new composite and wrought iron gate, you need it to last. This is why we galvanise all our wrought iron gate frames with the option of also having them powder coated for further longevity and durability.


    All of our gate frames and metal railings come galvanised as a standard. We use a process called 'hot dip galvanising', which involves dipping the new gate into molten zinc to coat it inside and out and prevent your composite gate frame from rusting. This zinc coating will create a lifetime protective coating, leaving your new composite wood metal framed gate maintenance free and saving you time and money in the future. We guarantee our galvanised metalwork finishes for a minimum of 10 years.

    Powder Coating

    You can choose to have your new metal composite gates powder coated as an add-on. Powder coating is the longest lasting, most durable coating you can apply to your gate's metalwork. This coating is tough, chip resistant, and maintenance free apart from the occasional clean to prevent mould and fungal growth. We can also powder coat your metal and composite gate in a RAL colour of your choice to ensure the finished design matches the rest of your home perfectly. For new composite electric gates or manual gates that will surpass all your expectations, order your metal framed composite gate from Gates & Automation Direct!

    Gates & Automation Direct: Made to Measure Composite Gates

    If you're looking for a new gate that offers longevity and safety, then Gates and Automation Direct's wrought iron framed composite infill gates are the gates for you. As trusted gate manufacturers in Scotland, we provide our customers with free 2D CAD drawings with every purchase so you can buy online with confidence. We also offer free technical support pre and post sale! The metal gate frame systems used to house the composite in our made to measure and pre-fabricated gates are manufactured here in the UK using British steel.

    Ordering & Delivery

    Whether you need composite gates in Sheffield or Glasgow, we can deliver your metal framed composite gates throughout the UK. We use several delivery methods and delivery costs will be based on the type of products ordered, the weight of the order, and the delivery location. Buy metal and composite gates online from Gates & Automation Direct today!
  • Metal Framed Timber Gates

    Metal Framed Timber Gates (155)

    Metal Framed Timber Gates (155)

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    Gates & Automation Direct combines function and style with our range of metal framed timber gates for residential properties. Our metal framed wooden gates are our most popular range of gates and for good reason!

    Metal and wood gates are aesthetically pleasing and offer a level of durability not found in solid wooden gates. A metal framed gate with a timber wood infill offers all the protection and strength of a wrought iron gate with added privacy and style. Our metal frame gates with wood are fabricated using the thickest size frames on the market (50 mm height x 50 mm width ), which results in not only a very substantial, premium gate appearance but also an extremely long lasting product that will not move or twist and is less likely to be damaged. Our metal framed timber gates are galvanised as standard. The gates in our metal framed range include estate gates, driveway gates, path/garden gates, railings & wall tops, sliding gates & bi-fold gates. We can also supply this range without timber — metal frame only — get in touch for a custom quote. Buy wooden gates online from Gates & Automation Direct or speak to our team if you need assistance with navigating our pricing system we're here to help you find the right wood gate with a metal frame for your property.

    Our Expansive Collection of Metal and Wood Gates

    Gates & Automation Direct is well known for its metal frame timber clad gates. A strong metal frame paired with treated wood offers more durability and aesthetic appeal than a traditional wooden gate, which is why our wood gates with metal frames are the most popular product in our collection. The timber wood infill for your gate can be Western Red Cedar or African Iroko, depending on whether you're looking for wooden hardwood gates or softwood gates. The timber can be oiled or stained according to your preferences. This is what you can find in our wide selection of gate designs:

    Metal Framed Timber Driveway Gates

    Driveway gates with wood and metal offer a modern and luxurious look to driveways. Let the first thing that guests see on your property be our metal framed driveway gates made with high quality materials and expert craftsmanship. Our metal and wooden gates for driveways are designed to give your home a premier entrance you and your guests will love! We fabricate metal frame softwood and hardwood driveway gates in the UK in a wide selection of sizes and designs to work with the aesthetic of your home exterior. We have both tall and short metal framed wood gates for driveways in our collection to give you the luxury of choice. Traditional or contemporary, we have a wooden driveway gate for your home. Looking to upgrade your property with strong & trusted metal framed wooden driveway gates in the UK? Browse our wide range of driveway gates with metal and wood or get in touch with us and we will recommend the best metal framed driveway gate for your needs.

    Metal Framed Wooden Side Gates

    Bring your side gates front and centre with one of our stunning metal and timber gates. Our metal framed side gates are available in contemporary and modern designs that are timeless in style. Complete your perimeter walls with one of our tall wooden side gates in a robust 50 mm metal frame with a maintenance free finish.

    Metal Framed Wooden Bi Fold Gates

    If your entranceway is too short for a swinging or sliding gate, our bi fold wooden and metal gates provide a great alternative for your property. Choose between single leaf or double leaf (single or double bi fold) when you order one of these high quality wrought iron and softwood or hardwood gates in the UK. Bridge the gap between space and style with bi fold wrought iron and wood gates from Gates & Automation Direct.

    Metal Framed Wooden Garden Gates

    Match your driveway with a metal and wood gate for your garden and enjoy a seamless entrance to your outdoor space. A short wood gate with a metal frame is the ideal garden gate, providing a sturdy structure that harmonises with the earthy ground surroundings. Our gates come galvanised as a standard, so you won't have to worry about your garden gate succumbing to the elements. From our wood and metal driveway gates to our side gates, Gates & Automation Direct can handle the manufacturing, delivery & installation of your new metal framed timber gates in the UK. Get in touch to find out about our Supply Only and Supply & Install packages.

    A Strong Metal Gate Frame with a Protective Finish

    With Gates & Automation Direct, every metal frame is galvanised to ensure longevity. Galvanised metal protects the frame against rust and weather damage for a lifetime. This is a great way to minimise the maintenance of your new gates.

    Powder Coated Gates

    We also recommend powder coating as an add-on. A powder coated metal frame gate will ensure that your wrought iron frame is completely maintenance free. You also won't be limited to just a silver or black frame for your gate. This durable protective coat helps you to further customise your wooden gate with a metal frame as it is available in any RAL colour. The installation of our durable wrought iron gates with wood infill will complete your home exterior with flair. Get a price estimate online at Gates & Automation Direct today.

    Bespoke Metal & Wood Gates

    We can create any type of gate in any of our designs, so if you can't find a metal framed side gate or driveway gate you like in our in-stock range online, contact us for a quote to create matching metal framed timber infill gates. Our metal framed gates are made to measure, giving you choices on the gate height and width so the size of your new wood and metal gates perfectly fits your gap width. Add one of our gate automation kits to your order if you're after automated wooden and metal gates. With Gates & Automation Direct, you can finally have your dream entrance. Shop online to complete your home with a metal and wooden gate designed with style in mind.

    Gates & Automation Direct: Robust Metal & Wooden Gates

    Gates & Automation Direct is a trusted gate manufacturer & supplier of high quality timber and metal gates in the UK. Make the process of purchasing a new metal frame wooden gate as simple as possible by leaving the supplying, delivering, and installing to us. We offer easy-to-follow 2D CAD drawings of how your new made to measure wooden gates with a metal frame will look, which can be amended as needed.

    Get in Touch

    Finding metal and wood driveway gates or side gates to fit your style, budget, and space has never been easier than with Gates & Automation Direct. If you have any questions or need help ordering your metal framed wooden gates from our website, our team of experts will be more than happy to help. We can also assist you with recommendations for the right wood and metal gate for your property. Buy metal framed timber gates online from Gates & Automation Direct today!
  • Metal (Wrought Iron) Gates

    Metal (Wrought Iron) Gates (361)

    Metal (Wrought Iron) Gates (361)

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    Our wrought iron gates are one of our most popular choices for homes because they are timeless in strength and style, not to mention extremely versatile!

    Gates and Automation Direct provides high quality metal gates that not only provide security, but allow you to complete your home's aesthetic with gates that will never go out of style. We stock a range of pre-fabricated gates with many charming designs, but our metal gates can also be built to fit your measurements and needs, with multiple options to choose from in finding the perfect manual or automatic wrought iron gates for your property. We have an array of wrought iron gates and fencing options for every type of property. Use our simple enquiry form to get a completely free, no-obligation online quote!

    Our Standard & Premium Metal Gates

    We have two categories of wrought iron gates for sale — Standard & Premium. The general rule for our Standard and Premium gates are as follows, but make sure to check the product description of your desired gate for more specific measurements:
    • Standard – 30 x 10 FB (flat bar) frames, 12 mm diameter round bar infills.
    • Premium – 40 mm box section frames, 16 mm diameter round bar infills.
    Browse Gates & Automation Direct's wide range of styles and designs to find the perfect wrought iron gates for your property.

    Our Extensive Range of Wrought Iron Gates

    Gates & Automation Direct offers an expansive collection of wrought iron gates that are suitable for both residential and commercial applications. Shop from a range of metal driveways gates, garden gates, side gates, bi-fold gates, and sliding gates for your property. This is what you can find in our metal gate collection:

    Metal Driveway Gates

    Enhance the elegance and safety of your front entrance with one of our stunning metal driveway gates. Our wrought iron gates for driveways accommodate all styles and tastes, from traditional to contemporary and beyond. Our driveway and estate gates are our best sellers, and you'll certainly see why when you browse our range. Choose between simple or elaborate tall and short driveway gates, and if you need additional customisation, we can supply metal electric gates too!

    Wrought Iron Garden Gates

    Short wrought iron gates are ideal for gardens because they don't block the view of your well maintained greenery but still provide sturdy barriers for pets and kids. If you want to keep your garden area secure and stylish, metal garden gates fabricated by a leading gate company in Scotland are what you need. Order your gates online from Gates & Automation Direct for UK wide delivery!

    Metal Side Gates

    Our tall metal side gates are the perfect gates to complement a wrought iron driveway gate, and choosing a style to match your main gate is simple with our versatile designs. Upgrade your home's security and privacy with a wrought iron side gate with a right or left side hinged lock. Our side gates can be custom made with a fixed panel to suit larger gaps.

    Metal Bi Fold & Sliding Gates

    Looking for electric metal gates that are stylish and practical while also accommodating the space limitations of your property? Gate & Automation Direct's metal bi fold and sliding gates are just what you need! Metal bi fold single or double gates make for a practical and stylish addition when there isn't enough space for a standard swinging gate. Our bi fold designs are best for short driveways that won't fit a gate with a lengthy swing path.

    Metal Gates with a Protective Finish

    Our wrought iron gates and metal railings are galvanised as a standard to ensure they are weather and rust resistant. We finish our metal gates using 'hot dip galvanising'. We offer an additional service to add powder coating to your metal gates as well. Choosing to powder coat your metal gate will make it completely maintenance free and also allows you the versatility of using any RAL colour to finish your wrought iron gate.

    Bespoke Sizes for Your Home

    Guarantee the perfect fit for your home with our made to measure wrought iron gates. We will manufacture your metal gate to the exact size of the gap you are working with. Simply measure the width, select your design and lock preferences, and we'll do the rest! If you want automated metal gates, our decorative iron gates can also be supplied with an automation kit. We also provide a detailed 2D CAD drawing to ensure you're happy with the design of your metal automatic gates or manual gates. Buy everything from electric metal driveway gates to simple wrought iron side gates online in one place with Gates & Automation Direct. Our wrought iron gates and railings are delivered nationwide to your door.

    Gates & Automation Direct: Your Online Metal Gates Provider

    Gates & Automation Direct is one of Scotland's leading suppliers of wrought iron gates, with an experienced team that is passionate about delivering high quality gates to customers throughout the UK. Whether you're looking for stylish wrought iron gates or classic metal estate gates in Glasgow or elsewhere, we can help you. For made to measure gates available online, buy your manual or electric wrought iron gates from Gates & Automation Direct.

    Ordering & Delivery

    We offer a nationwide delivery service on all our metal gates. Once you've settled on the manual or automatic metal gates you want, choose from our Supply Only or Supply & Install packages based on your location. Feel free to contact us for further assistance with ordering your wrought iron gate. For high quality metal gates you can trust at an affordable price, order online from Gates & Automation Direct!